Conference Program

Mining Leadership Summit 2019 - Program

Tuesday 17 September

TimePresentation TitleSpeaker
10:30-11:00Registration open and arrival morning tea
11:00-11:10Welcome from the Conference ChairMichelle Lawson FAusIMM
Financial Controller
Glencore Coal Assets Australia
11:10-11:20AusIMM Official WelcomeStephen Durkin FAusIMM
11:20-11:30Introduction to AusIMM's Council for Diversity and Inclusion and the National Women in Mining Network (WIMnet)

The AusIMM Council for Diversity and Inclusion provides strategic leadership on diversity and inclusion to the AusIMM Board of Directors and Management team. Its role is to develop high level strategies to provide guidance and vision for the organisation.

The Women in Mining network (WIMnet) is a sub-group of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM). WIMnet pursues improved diversity within the Mining industry through policy and advocacy. It also helps state-based groups in their efforts to support the attraction and development of women within the industry.
Kate Hobbs MAusIMM
Transformation Consultant
OZ Minerals
SESSION 1: The industry is changing rapidly and great leadership is essential. Session Chair:
Fiona Robertson MAusIMM
Non-Executive Director
Whitehaven Coal, Heron Resources and MPC Kinetic
11:30- 11:50Presentation 1: Changing nature of work (Industry 4.0)
Innovation, people and skills combined with technological advances will deliver a more globally competitive minerals sector that delivers fulfilling careers in high-pay, high-skilled jobs.
Tony Cotton
Senior Manager People Advisory
11:50-12:00Roundtable Discussion
12:00-12:20Presentation 2: The transformative power of Technology
The organisational and leadership implications of technology are enormous. The ability to staff, manage, and lead increasingly automated organizations will become an important competitive differentiator. This session will explore one such organisation that is leading significant technological change within the resources industry.
Rag Udd
Vice President Technology - Global Transformation
12:20-12:30Roundtable Discussion
12:30-13:30Lunch and Networking Display Tables
SESSION 2: The industry is changing rapidly and great leadership is essential cont.Session & Panel Chair:
Kate Hobbs MAusIMM
Transformation Consultant
OZ Minerals
13:30-13:50Presentation 3: Social impact of mining: changes within local community and social development
Using a case study of a Solomon Islands project to explore the impact of social change, associated with mining and energy extraction, on communities and the importance of social value.
Robyn James
Conservation Director, Melanesia
The Nature Conservancy
13:50-14:00Roundtable Discussion
14:00-14:20Presentation 4: The future of finance in mining
For Australian mining to remain globally competitive in the future, tomorrow’s leaders will need to be empowered with the knowledge and insight to understand and effectively manage an array of financial market risks and navigate an ever-changing global landscape of capital providers.
Nick Rees MAusIMM
Head of Natural Resources
National Australia Bank
14:20-14:30Roundtable Discussion
14:30-15:15Panel: The changing face of the mining and resources industry
This session will look at the bigger picture of the future mining and resources workforce and how potential economic impacts, technical changes, community engagement evolution and sustainability pressures will change the way the industry prepares for this over the next decade.
Speakers from previous sessions
15:15-15:45Afternoon Tea and Networking Display Tables
SESSION 3: Great leadership looks like this…Session Chair:
Michelle Lawson FAusIMM
Financial Controller
Glencore Coal Assets Australia
15:45-16:05Presentation 5: Evolving today’s culture to meet tomorrow’s needs
Delivering sustainable superior performance is key to Rio Tinto’s ongoing success. Our people and culture are core to achieving that performance in an environment of rapid change. This session will explore how Rio Tinto is deliberately evolving the culture of the organisation to meet the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.
Tom Craig
Manager Talent & Capability
Rio Tinto
16:05-16:10Roundtable Discussion
16:10-16:30Presentation 6: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
In the current business context, companies are struggling with rapid change, with finding competitive advantage in a globalised economy, and in finding, keeping, and motivating talent in a changing workforce. Emotional intelligence (EI) is emerging as a critical factor for sustaining high performance in this environment. In this session, we'll look at why emotional intelligence is so important for leaders – and how you, as a leader, can improve yours.
Jamie Greer
General Manager - Assessment & Development
Chandler Macleod Group
16:30-16:35Roundtable Discussion
16:35-16:55Presentation 7: Digital Disruption
Understanding how technology is transforming the resources industry and how leaders and organisations can respond.
Dave Yeates
Program Manager, Digital Transformation
16:55-17:00Roundtable Discussion
17:00Session CloseMichelle Lawson FAusIMM
Financial Controller
Glencore Coal Assets Australia
17:00-18:30Networking FunctionBoutique Wine Tasting provided by Signature Wines

Wednesday 18 September

TimePresentation TitleSpeaker
8:30- 9:00Registration open and arrival networking
9:00- 9:10Welcome from the Conference ChairMichelle Lawson FAusIMM
Financial Controller
Glencore Coal Assets Australia
SESSION 4: Great leadership looks like this…cont.Session Chair:
Ted Bradshaw FAusIMM
Kimberley Consulting Group
9:10- 9:30Presentation 8: Shift from Waterfall (top down) to Agile Project Management
When it comes to managing complex projects, many companies still employ a rigid, top-down process known as “waterfall”. In this session, we will explore how to transition from waterfall to agile methods for better, faster, and often cheaper solutions.
Chris Webb
Director of Agile Advisory
PwC Australia
9:30- 9:35Roundtable Discussion
9:35 - 9:55Presentation 9: Distributed leadership and decision making
• Distributing leadership has the potential to create a more meaningful, productive organisational culture based on trusting relationships among staff.
• Knitting a fully distributed organisation together requires a culture of transparency and ongoing feedback, in which information-sharing and mutual trust enable individuals to truly share responsibility for their decisions.
Lisa Barry
Partner, Management Consulting
KPMG Australia
9:55 - 10:00Roundtable Discussion
10:00-10:20Presentation 10: Avoiding Unconscious Bias at Work
Manage your team members fairly and without any unconscious discrimination by identifying your hidden biases and dealing with them effectively.
• Understand the link between diversity, productivity and business benefits
• Develop an enhanced appreciation of the nature and prevalence of bias
• Become familiar with frameworks for identifying, addressing and reducing bias.
Steven Asnicar
Chief Executive Officer
Diversity Australia
10:20-10:25Roundtable Discussion
10:25-10:45Presentation 11: A values based approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Empowerment is at the heart of Fortescue’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Fortescue was founded with the vision that communities should benefit from our growth and development of our business and our leaders play an integral role in delivering on this commitment.
Catherine Bozanich
Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility
Fortescue Metals Group
10:45-10:50Roundtable Discussion
10:50- 11:20Morning Tea and Networking Display Tables
SESSION 5: Great leadership looks like this…cont.Session Chair:
Troy Herbert
Head Of Geoscience
11:20- 11:40Presentation 12: Moving the dial on workplace inclusion: how JobAccess works alongside industry leaders to engage new talent and drive innovation
The Australian mining industry is the bedrock of the national economy. As the country’s second largest industry and largest export earner, mining employs a highly skilled and adaptable workforce. While innovation drives the industry’s competitive advantage, a reimagined workplace is vital to reap sustainable, long-term growth.

Operationalising diverse and inclusive workplace strategies can enable the industry to access the skills and potential of an untapped cohort – over one million Australians with disability. That’s where JobAccess comes in.

Delivered by WorkFocus Australia on behalf of the Australian Government, the JobAccess service is an example of practical government investment in its effective removal of barriers to work for people with disability.

The national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers, JobAccess provides advice and support to help people with disability get work, keep work and be more productive. It also partners with larger employers to build and implement inclusive employment practices.

Practical strategies and tips will feature throughout the presentation, illustrating how industry leaders can work with JobAccess to develop disability confidence, make their workplaces more accessible, attract a wider talent pool, and tap into the diverse skills people with disability have to offer.
Karla Fernee
Leader, Employer Engagement Team
JobAccess at WorkFocus Group
11:40- 11:45Roundtable Discussion
11:45-12:05Presentation 13: Resilience and innovation driving organisational performance
What makes an organisation sustainably successful? What makes some organisations more resilient than others to external market factors? What is the role of disruptive thinking in creating sustainable success? This session explores the current evidence from organisations who have implemented and utilised disruption and disruptive thinking within the organisation to achieve long-term success. In particular, the session will address how to go about disrupting the current mindsets and moving toward long-term sustainable performance and organisational success.
Vanessa Torres MAusIMM
Chief Technology Officer
12:05-12:10Roundtable Discussion
12:10-12:30Presentation 14: Mental Health in Mining Matters - a risk management approach
As well as influencing workplace culture, leaders play a critical role in driving policies and practices that promote positive workplace mental health and ensuring legislative compliance. This interactive workshop explains how leaders can discharge their duty of care, and help protect and maintain the mental health and well-being of their employees – by applying a risk management approach.
Tracey Inglis
Manager, Resource Minds
Rural & Remote Mental Health
12:30-12:35Roundtable Discussion
12:35-12:55Presentation 15: Social procurement
How organisations spend their money, who they purchase from, and what they purchase, can have profound social impacts. Companies whose suppliers have poor labour standards, or organisations whose purchases result in social and environmental degradation (or even catastrophes) are now publicly questioned and criticised. Conversely there are increasing examples of purchase and procurement decisions resulting in large-scale positive impacts. This session will examine the concept and the practice of social procurement, which is a dimension of sustainable and responsible purchasing and procurement practices.
Anthony Pitt
Director Logistics and Procurement
Glencore Coal Assets Australia
12:55-13:00Roundtable Discussion
13:00-14:00Lunch and Networking Display Tables
SESSION 6: This is how you develop great leadershipSession Chair:
Alison Terry
Group Manager – Corporate Affairs
Fortescue Metals Group
14:00-14:20Presentation 16: Finding your purpose
• Leadership purpose is something that grounds you back to humility. But not just that; it also inspires and motivates you, and helps you push your limits, to achieve your goals.
• As leaders, it is important for us to know why we do what we do, because this is exactly what gives our work meaning.
Bernice Hookey
Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia (IWIMRA)
14:20-14:25Roundtable Discussion
14:25-14:45Presentation 17: What is your personal leadership story?
• Reflecting on where your career has led you so far, and how it has shaped who you are now as a leader
• Using your strengths and accomplishments to build your personal story
• How to start over: planning strategically for different future career paths
Renata Bernarde
Managing Director, Pantala & Head of Market Strategy, MindTribes
14:45-14:50Roundtable Discussion
14:50-15:10Presentation 18: Vertical Leadership Development (Adaptive leadership, mixed with Agile and Complexity theory)
The world of work is changing and so are our organisations. Traditional or (horizontal) forms of leadership development are no longer equipping our leaders for the type of challenges they now face on a daily basis. New forms of leadership that are vertically focused and focus on building a leaders capacity to combat the complexity gap are required.
Pete Holliday
Organisational Futurist & Business Agility Expert
15:10-15:15Roundtable Discussion
15:15-15:45Afternoon Tea and Networking Display Tables
SESSION 7: This is how you develop great leadership cont.Session Chair:
Vaughn Sheahan
Head Of Organisational Development & Analytics
15:45-16:45Interactive Workshop: Changing your Professional Development Mindset, using key lessons from the conference

1) Think about your professional development by:
• Getting better every day
• Building on your strengths
• Thinking flexibly about your career
• Owning your development
• Growing today for tomorrow

2) Participate in a Self-Reflection & Leadership Assessment activity
• Identify ways to improve your professional development experience and your impact as a leader

3) Reflect on and discuss your overall conference experience
• Identify the skills and behaviours you want to implement back in your workplace
Vaughn Sheahan
Head Of Organisational Development & Analytics


Valeria Ignatieva
16:45-17:00Conference Close from the Conference ChairMichelle Lawson FAusIMM
Financial Controller
Glencore Coal Assets Australia